Tyrian Purple

5"x14" Tyrian Purple – $250.00

Blood Red

6½"x14" Blood Red – $275.00


7"x14" Satin Gunstock – $300.00

5"x14" Black Pearlescent – $250.00

Macaw Green Pearlescent5"x14" Macaw Green Pearlescent – $250.00

Natural Maple

5"x14" Natual Maple –$250.00

Moroccan Teak

7"x14" Moroccan Teak – $300.00

White Pearlescent

7"x14" White Pearlescent – $300.00


Current Stock shown above. Click any model above for a video of that exact snare drum.

All Di Pietro Drums feature:

5"x14" snares equipped with modern Pearl-type throw-off. 7"x14" models equppied with Dunnett R-4 throw-off. Colors named by color manufacturer (we’re not marketing executives).

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